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​​Marketing Perspective

From our Oilfields to your home
ADGAS Marketing Division is responsible for the sale of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Paraffinic Naphtha and Sulphur. ADGAS sales are coordinated on long-term, short term and medium-term business activities as well as spot basis.ADGAS plans long term strategies that enable it to maintain its position in the gas business.  ADGAS LNG and other products are sold to international markets.
ADGAS main core business and main product is LNG, produced from associated gas and non-associated gas. The Marketing Department has the responsibility of developing and maintaining good working relationships with all our customers, especially Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) " "JERA Co., Inc. is a recently formed joint venture between two of Japan's largest power utility companies --Chubu Electric Power Co. Inc. and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)", our major customer. ADGAS signed a 20-year agreement to sell the plant’s annual production of LNG and LPG to TEPCO. Later, both parties negotiated a second sales and purchase agreement covering the period 1994 to 2019.  The LNG and LPG supplies have ever since been delivered in accordance with established timetables and strict programs designed in compliance with the highest international safety standards. The ties between ADGAS and TEPCO have been reinforced and developed through the stable, reliable and consistent flow of liquefied gas from Das Island to Tokyo Bay.
ADGAS produces LPG in two grades (Propane and Butane) as well as Paraffinic Naphtha and Sulphur.These are associated by-products of LNG production.They are collectively known as “refined products mainly produced from associated gas. ADGAS works constantly to maintain and improve the quality of products, to meet international standards and ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

All ADGAS products exports are mainly targeted to Japan, Korea and the rest of the Far East region. ADGAS main aim is to maintain excellent relationship with existing and potential end-users and to ensure reliable supply.