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Optimising Energy at the Design Stage of a Project
- 6/8/2015
ADGAS believes that prevention of pollution is the best way forward for managing environmental aspects and hence has strived to set a formal system for optimising energy efficiency at various stages of project design. The system is of particular relevance to new projects as identifying and capturing improvement opportunities during the design phase is the most cost effective means of developing an energy efficient LNG process.

This procedure addresses all phases of project development from project concept to plant operation. The adoption of this procedure will identify the gaps between ‘proposed design’ and best practice energy design. It will also provide a framework for closing these gaps, or by value engineering, rationalise the deviation via a thorough technical-economic evaluation of project economics.​

The procedure generates an audit trail of the energy reviews undertaken during project development and operation so that a clear corporate understanding of energy performance of the plant is available throughout project development and operation.

For over 40 years ADGAS has been and still making a positive contribution to society by offering clean energy that make human environments more energy efficient, durable and comfortable. Throughout these years there has been a perpetual commitment to sustainable development and a brighter future.​
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