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Paperless Day
- 11/16/2014
Smart phones, tablets, electronic readers are everywhere around us. Nevertheless, every single day, we still receive papers. Have you ever thought about how paper is made?

What is paper made of?
Most kinds of papers as we know it are made of wood bulb, taken from trees; which means that tree wood is the raw material used to produce paper through several industrial processes. This simply means that the paper industry generally relies on logging, i.e. cutting the huge trees from the world forests.

So many forests around the world have disappeared or shrunk due to logging, depriving the planet from the trees that help balance the CO2 emissions. Moreover, the industrial processes of making paper require considerable amounts of water, itself a scarce resource, and also increase the emission of CO2.

The Paperless Day Initiative:
In 2008, ADGAS collaborated with the Environment Agency to launch the Paperless Day Initiative, in line with the Company's efforts to reduce environment pollution and preserve natural resources. The initiative has since spread to become a national, widely embraced event to preserve the environment.

What can you do?
1- Set your computers, printers and photocopiers to use both sides of papers,
2- Don't throw away the papers that are used on one face. Use the other face instead,
3- Use the email to exchange information as much as possible, and
4- Subscribe in electronic services so that you receive electronic copies of your utility services. Taking these simple actions in your daily life will make a big difference, help reduce paper consumption and consequently help stop the deterioration of the environment of our Mother Earth.

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