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The white-cheeked tern
- 5/18/2015
​The white-cheeked tern (Stema repressa) is a species of Tern commonly found in the GCC and areas of a similar climate. It has several local names; Khsheshi, Ghat'tasi, and Ta'mmasi. Once grouped with Gulls, the Tern is a member of the Sternidae family of birds. It is characterized by the black forehead, black crown, white cheek, dark red bill with blackish tip and red legs. The general plumage is grey. Found in coastal areas, by rivers, and on wetlands. The white-cheeked tern often hunts in association with predatory fish which drive prey fish to the surface of the water, making them easier for this species to catch.

Whilst the numbers of Tern sub-species face threat from humans due to egg and bird hunting, the white-cheeked tern has managed to flourish due mainly to the inaccessible areas they nest in.

In 1959 the industrialisation of Das Island drove away the Tern, along with turtles that used the island as a breeding ground. Today, as a result of the major steps taken by ADGAS to put the HSE issues at the top of its agenda in all industrial operations, turtles started live and feed undisturbed around the island, and the white-cheeked tern has returned in abundance with 400 pairs being spotted in recent years. We are honored to share Das Island with our feathered neighbours and wish them success for many years to come.​
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