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What is... Paraffin and Paraffinic Naphtha
- 7/6/2015
Welcome to the second of our ‘What is…?’ series of articles, in which we describe various aspects of the ADGAS world.
This week we’re looking at Paraffin, and Paraffinic Naphtha.

Paraffin is the group name given to a number of hydrocarbons with a similar chemical structure. Paraffin is widely used as a wax, as part of petrol, cosmetics, as an element in kerosene, and is the primary ingredient in petroleum jelly (Vaseline, as one example).
Paraffinic Naphtha
Naphtha as a word has existed for more than two thousand years. Roughly translated as ‘Petroleum’, naphtha is first recorded in Latin and is derived from a similar Persian word. For ADGAS, nap​htha refers to hydrocarbon mixtures we harvest from the condensation created by the LNG freezing process.