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Why Natural Gas?
- 5/5/2015
Natural gas is a reliable, clean and efficient energy supply. It has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of any other fossil fuel when used in power stations. Natural gas produces about 30% less carbon dioxide than burning petroleum and 45% less than burning coal.

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas on earth. It is a waste product of the human respiratory system, as it is for all air breathing animals. It is emitted during the decomposition process of plant life, it is expelled from volcanoes and hot springs; and is naturally used by plant life during the process of cellular respiration (plants produce oxygen as a waste product, which we humans breathe to survive).

Carbon dioxide levels have risen tremendously since the industrialization of the planet, causing global warming and climate change. Carbon dioxide dissolves in water and it is believed that the oceans of the world have absorbed almost half of the carbon dioxide produced by industrialised humans. This is reported to have changed the acidity levels of our oceans by 0.01 units from pre-industrial levels.

We have become dependent on fossil fuels, for our cars, our plastics, or food preparation, and our energy. It is not possible to flick a switch and change the habits of an entire planet in one day. But it is possible to reduce our environmental impact and focus on the process of change. ​

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